VÍTĚZSLAV PODRAZIL graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where he studied conducting in the class of Václav Neumann. During his studies he worked as an assistant conductor for the Opera House of the Prague National Theater under Zdeněk Košler, leader of the opera ensemble.

From 1987 to 1990 he conducted for the Pilsen Opera (B. Smetana – Dalibor, A. Dvořák – The Devil and Kate, Rusalka, G. Verdi – Simone Boccanegra, O. Nicolai – The Merry Wives of Windsor, J. Offenbach – Orfeus in the Underworld, O. Nedbal – From Fairy Tale to Fairy Tale). From 1991 to 1992 he led the Prague Chamber Opera (W. A. Mozart – Marriage of Figaro, Magic Flute). During this period he also conducted the Pilsen Conservatory Symphony Orchestra.

Recordings realized in 1992–1993:

- Opera-oratorio “The Evening Gathering” by Ivan Kurz, recorded for the Czech TV Company.
- CD "Mozart’s Quodlibet"
- CD "Czech Liturgical Music"
- CD "Melodies from the World’s Great Operettas" – the first operetta CD recording issued in the Czech Republic
- CD "F. I. Tůma, J. D. Zelenka" – 20th-century premieres of Tůma’s Mass in C major and three movements from Zelenka’s "The Lamentations of the Prophet Jeremiah"

In 1993 Vítězslav Podrazil founded ORCHESTRA ATLANTIS and the chamber ensemble ATLANTIS COLLEGIUM, which consists of selected members and soloists of Orchestra Atlantis. With this orchestra and chamber ensemble Mr Podrazil took part in the International Music Festival “The Old Testament in the Arts”, in 1995. One year later he participated in the International Music Festival “Musica Iudaica”. In 1998 Orchestra Atlantis performed with the distinguished Tel Aviv Chamber Choir.

The both ensembles comprise largely musicians who pay systematic attention to chamber and solo music.

In addition to standard repertoire Orchestra Atlantis and Atlantis Collegium have been concerned with presenting less-known compositions of great composers with an emphasis on sacred music, and with introducing works by contemporary composers.

Since 2002 the Orchestra Atlantis has been paying attention to jazz compositions and music containing jazz elements. This repertoire will be extended by new compositions.

Programmes with unusual combinations of classic and modern music or combinations of chamber and orchestral compositions are part of the programme offered by Orchestra Atlantis and its chamber ensemble.

Some contemporary composers have written, or compose, works for Orchestra Atlantis or its chamber ensemble: Premasiri Khemadasa (Srí Lanka), Max Stern (Israel), Petr Pokorný, Vlastislav Matoušek, Jan Děd, Vít Clar, Stanislav Jelínek, Karel Šimandl (Czech Republic), Kazuhiko Hattori (Japan), Karel Janovický (Great Britain), Mark Kopytman (Israel), Josef Vejvoda.

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